Thursday, 12 December 2013


The technological inspiration I got from this 10 weeks program cannot be truly overemphasized. Every week is accompanied with technological surprises of tools and readings that are all embedded in the world wide web(WWW). It  was a real global expedition; exploring the world to acquire knowledge,  skills and attitude. Building Teaching  Skills through the Interactive Web had facilitated our journey of 70 days around the globe.

I did a lot of things like reading reference materials and the creation of  technology tools like Blog, Nicenet, Project Based Learning, Padlet(wallwisher) PowerPoint, Jeopardy etc. Some were interesting, enjoyable  and time consuming, while others were very challenging and complicated.

However, with the SMART instructions from the course coordinators, they were all simple. We were all autonomous learners. We always had a choice to make when it comes to discussions and the preparation of the technology tool.
The readings that inspired me most were the ones in week 9 and 10 on learning styles  and strategies. This  course program had done it all. I am not only equipped with technology tools but acknowledged  with  all the  learning styles and strategies to enable me understand learner's strengths and weaknesses in each of  Howard Gardner claimed and  identified intelligence that we all have but,  that no two people are exactly alike.
 We  can help learners become more successful. Haward also notes that integrating multiple intelligences into the classroom involves changing our idea about teaching and learning. It requires addressing individual differences and providing a range of activities and experiences to facilitate learning.

Technology can be used to facilitate learning in each intelligence area. There is no "right way" to integrate intelligences or technology into the classroom. The key is to provide the most effective learning environment for learners.

Building Teaching Skills through the Interactive Web has built our capacities to become The Creative Entrepreneur’s that Must-Have Technology List to strategic learning  for all learning styles through the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning’s 5 Cs. 

These 5 C's - Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities - provide a vision of what learners should know and be able to do with the target language. 

Specifically, learners should be able to: 

  •      communicate in languages other than English (Communicatio
  •      gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures (Cultures)
  •      connect with other disciplines and acquire information (Connections)
  •      develop insight into the nature of language and culture (Comparisons)
  • ·   participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world (Communities)